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From one side – labor law is a large number of legal rules regulating a lot of issues concerning the functioning of every enterprise – in the scope of the relations between the employer and the employees. From the other side however – the certain provisions of these rules are unclear and not precise, what may cause a lot of doubts in practice. One of the ways of sharing our practical knowledge – enabling our clients to deal with similar problems in practice – are trainings. We conduct them within a very broad scope, resulting not only from the basic issues’ division in compliance with the Polish Labour Code (as for instance working time, employees’ leaves or terminating the contracts) but covering the certain labor law issues more comprehensively (for instance all of the aspects regarding employees’ absences or the representatives’ rights – trade unions and employees’ councils).

As the whole labor law branch – also the trainings within this scope are evolving. In the last few years one of the most “popular” case studies are these concerning fighting mobbing and the unfair treatment in employment. The words “case studies” have been used not by a mistake. Generally almost all of our trainings have such character and every issue is being discussed – basing on some certain, practical examples.

We train, amongst others, within the scope of the following issues:

Concluding and terminating employment contracts

ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem problematyki przedwstępnych umów o pracę (tzw. listów intencyjnych), dostosowywania sposobu rozwiązania umowy o pracę zarówno do stawianych zarzutów jak i istniejących w danym momencie okoliczności faktycznych (choroba pracownika, szczególna ochrona przed wypowiedzeniem, ewentualnie również rozwiązaniem umowy o pracę)

Working time

with the impact put on the practical aspects of registering and (as a consequence) settling the working time, overtime issues, aspects of employing employees on Sundays and on holidays and finally adjusting working time systems to the employer’s needs and legal possibilities within that scope.

Fighting mobbing and discrimination

having in mind the specificity of large corporations and small, local subjects as well – also using the examples from the court room and from the internal manners of conduct within different so called anti-mobbing policies.

Collective labor law

especially covering the issues regarding the relations between the trade unions – employer (rights of the trade unions vs. rights and obligations of the employer, protection of the trade unions’ members, collective disputes, etc.).

Employees’ absences

covering by this issue the aspects of all the employee’s leaves kinds, justifying absences from work (including sicknesses) – also in the light of terminating employment contracts.

Group dismissals

putting the impact on some practical issues, such as the selection to dismissal, the way of consulting them when there are no trade unions existing or – from the other side – the possible trade unions’ reactions to dismissals undertaken.

The experience shows, that each of our training is different – we adjust the scope of it to the client’s needs – together with its representative.

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