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Commercial law

  • Founding and registering all of the forms of economic activity, including founding the companies with the preparation of articles/memorandums of association, by-laws, statutes, rules and representing in front of the Court Register in the registry proceedings;
  • Advisory within the scope of the companies’ day-to-day administration, including changing articles/memorandums of association, preparing and running the shareholders meetings, preparing drafts of the company’s bodies’ resolutions, selling the shares and running the registry proceedings concerning all of these issues in front of the Court Register;
  • Solving and settling the conflicts between the stakeholders/shareholders and preparing the shareholders’ agreements;
  • Legal help within the processes of merging, dividing and restructuring the commercial companies, increasing the share capital, compulsory purchases of shares, remitting shares and buying their own shares by the companies;
  • Undertaking the legal audits of the commercial subjects (due diligence).

Author’s rights and new technologies’ (digital) law

  • Preparing the agreements transferring author’s rights to computer programs;§
  • Preparing license, introductory and service agreements;
  • Preparing the documentation regarding implementing (introducing) the informative systems assisting the client’s purchase and service processes;
  • Current legal advisory regarding administering rights on non-proprietary goods;
  • Advisory within the process of creating and sharing databases;
  • Advisory for the benefit of subjects selling goods and rendering services in the Internet and via other remote communication means.

Litigation law and commercial arbitration

  • Litigation representation in the proceedings in front of the common courts;
  • Preparing the cassation claims (extraordinary appeals) and the representation in front of the Supreme Court;
  • Running/undertaking the conciliatory negotiations and mediation.

Public tender law

  • Preparing and running the proceedings based on the Polish Law on Public Tender;
  • Representing subjects within the proceedings based on the Polish Law on Public Tender;
  • Preparing legal opinions (information, analysis) within the scope of following (obeying) the Polish Law’s on Public Tender rules and the legal analysis of the tender documentation;
  • Current advisory to companies functioning under the Polish Law’s on Public Tender rules.

Cooperative law

  • Advisory within the scope of day-to-day administration and the current functioning of the cooperative;
  • Legal help in founding and registering of the cooperative;
  • Preparing the statutes, by-laws, rules and other internal acts of the cooperative

Legal audit (due diligence)

The audit undertaken includes especially:

  • Analysis of the commercial/corporate documentation of the company, which is – articles/memorandums of association, statutes, management and supervisory board by-laws, the company’s bodies’ resolutions;
  • Analysis of the employee’s documentation, which is – the internal rules (by-laws), collective agreements, internal orders/regulations, employment contracts and management contracts;
  • Analysis of the commercial documentation, agreements/contracts concluded, the contractual general conditions used;
  • Analysis of the shareholders’ structure and the (share) capital connections;
  • Analysis of the legal state of real estate possessed;
  • Analysis of the patents, permissions, permits, licenses, authorizations and administrative decisions possessed by the company;
  • Analysis of the court and administrative disputes (litigation, claims), that the company is a party of;
  • Analysis of the receivables and debts (obligations) the company possesses;
  • Indicating the potential risks for the company as well as for the management board members and for the shareholders.

Investment processes’ services

  • Preparing or analyzing the contracts regarding realizing the investment and the contracts with the Clients;
  • Preparing and analyzing the contracts concluded on the basis of FIDIC;
  • Services regarding settling the disputes between the investor and the participants of the investments process

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