Labor law

Over 20 years of experience in the field of employee cases

The Office’s experience within the scope of labor law (employees’ cases) includes the 20-year practice within this scope of the Office’s Partner – Mikołaj Illukowicz and nearly ten years of experience of the lawyers from our labor law team. It is the experience achieved within the close co-operation with HR teams, that helps and enables us to meet your expectations not only precisely and accurately, but also fast. Thousands of opinions prepared, hundreds of litigation cases (disputes) not only with the employees, but also with the trade unions – make the knowledge of our labor law team very broad within this scope. 

Our realized projects concern amongst others:

  • Legal help in concluding and terminating employment contracts;
  • Analysis (legal opinions/information) concerning the given aspects of labor law (working time, annual leaves, non-competition agreements);
  • Creating and analyzing the internal by-laws – concerning work, remuneration, social fund, etc.;
  • Problems regarding temporary work;
  • Analysis of agreements concerning the functioning of Human Resources departments (for instance – agreements concerning searching for the employees);
  • Negotiating (and modifying – if needed) the collective work agreements and social agreements;
  • Advisory in the collective disputes and other issues regarding the trade unions’ functioning;
  • Legal and litigation representation in disputes with the employees.

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